G l i s s a n d S t e e l O r c h e s t r a
2007 First run through in Hyde Park   2007 On the Road - Sunday

Click here to see Videos of Glissando in Rehearsal and Performance of Panorama 2007

History:   In 1978 Bertrand Parris formed Glissando Steel Orchestra.  Parris is a steel pan manufacturer, tuner and blender who also provided all the pans for the orchestra.
Glissando Steel Orchestra is a leading light in the Caribbean community in Britain.  The Orchestra is recognised as being innovative, talented and professional - as well as being a focal point for young people, not only as a music resource but also as a place to come together.

Education:   Glissando has played an important educational role.  During 1987 they introduced a community action scheme touring schools teaching the art of playing steel pan.

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