G l i s s a n d S t e e l O r c h e s t r a

Panorama 2007 took place in Hyde Park for the first time and provided an opportunity for many more people than before to see the performances of the nine bands which played.
The pictures below are stills taken from three videos which represent events before, during and after Panorama itself.   The arrangement played by Glissando is called 'Pan From Space' according to the CD by Cold Sweat.  Many websites refer to the tune as 'Band From Space' which is incorrect. We got the name right and, if you listen to the third video you'll find Rudy Smith got the arrangement right as well.

Hyde Park 25/8/07 including Panorama performance On the Road - Carnival procession from the float

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Stills of rehearsals with run through of the tune  

Panorama 2007: Initial rehearsals started on 24th July with Susannah and about half a dozen players.   The arranger Rudy Smith arrived the following weekend and from the following week rehearsals started in earnest and about ten days before Panorama more players arrived from France and Sweden and learned the rest of the tune which by then had been completed and then reworked somewhat.

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