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Click here to see a 20 minute video made in the early 1970’s which shows what the Adventure Playground was like and what it stood for.

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The KHT plans in detail

Wornington Green from the North West

Wornington Green 

The pictures shown above come from a  file which shows details of all phases of construction although the dates have slipped already.  It can  be accessed by clicking here.  The information is in a large (7.65MB) PDF file which opens in a new window, so that it can be retained at the same time as this site and, once downloaded, you can save it for later reference.    If necessary you can download the PDF reader here:

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Some photos

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Audit commission report

The report has just arrived, too late to be seen at the planning meeting. Click here to see it.

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Love Golborne

An invitation by local Councillors to a drop-in on 27 February.  Details have been moved to a separate page.

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The Open Spaces Society speaks out

The Society’s London representative, Bernard Selwyn, has written to Kensington and Chelsea Council to object to the Kensington Housing Trust’s planning application because of its effect on Athlone Gardens.  Click here for details.

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From the Kensington Society

Basic concerns of the Society:

  1. in terms of equity, the residents deserve to get a housing mix as good, if not better, than the current mix given the upheaval they would suffer
  2. the Council’s research and their policy would justify refusal of the proposed mix – there should be a higher proportion of large flats
  3. a large number of the larger flats – such as the 3 bedroom duplexes – have two bedrooms below ground – is there a risk of flooding?

Michael Bach
Chairman: Planning and Transport Committee
Kensington Society

Click here for more information.

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Wornington Steering Group briefing report

A detailed (45 page) review drawn up for the Major Planning Development Committee – click here to see it.

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