The KHT plans in detail

Wornington Green from the North West

Wornington Green 

The pictures shown above come from a  file which shows details of all phases of construction although the dates have slipped already.  It can  be accessed by clicking here.  The information is in a large (7.65MB) PDF file which opens in a new window, so that it can be retained at the same time as this site and, once downloaded, you can save it for later reference.    If necessary you can download the PDF reader here:

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  • By Frances, February 7, 2010 @ 12:19 pm

    Looking at these picture I am very concerned by the density of the housing in the area round the current Thompson House and the lack of light between all the high rise buildings. None of the images convey the claustrophobic darkness suggested by the plans for this part of the estate.
    Also as Conor Kilbane said at one of the meetings, 70% of the cost for the building work will be raised by selling the private housing, the development may start off on time and then be abandoned in a half finished state to the detriment of the social housing community crammmed into the more northern end of the estate.

    Also how about if KHT offices were in the section by the railway – it would save living space for the people who actually live here and sleep here to be in quieter and less polluted areas away from the trains – where we could open our windows and get some daylight in…
    Thanks for all the support

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